Worms in Dogs Types And Treatment

If you have dogs in your home you need to be aware of the common types of worms that infest them. You should be able to recognize them and treat them accordingly.

Here are some of the common dog worms.


Round worms

The veterinary name of this is Toxocara canis. These are around three inches in length, white in color and are round in shape, hence the name round worm.

This is the most common type of worm that is found in puppies. Dogs infested with round worms develops a round belly and looks swelled up. If the infestation is large then it can cause diarrhea, vomiting and even weight loss.



These are tiny worms which causes diarrhea in puppies and can also affect big dogs with weak constitutions. This type of worm generally spread from one dog to the other through eggs in stool and also through contaminated water.



<em>Worms in Dogs</em>

Worms in Dogs

This type of worm lodge into the small intestine of dogs. You have to be extra vigilant in order to detect tapeworms in your dog. If the infestation is large it cause diarrhea and weight loss. You can detect such worms through the stool of the dog. These worms are segmented, white and flat and a detached part of the worm looks like grains of rice. Dogs get infested with this worm after they ingest fleas with tapeworm larva in their eggs.



This is a water borne parasite that attack the intestine of the dogs more commonly. The dog gets infected with the worm by drinking contaminated water. Once infected the parasite multiply rapidly inside the intestinal tract which can cause severe diarrhea containing mucous or blood in the stool.



Treatment of dog worms will largely depend upon the type of parasite the dog has. The following treatments are generally used :
- Roundworms : pyrantel palmoate are the chief medication used for these worms.
- Tapeworms : one dose of praziquantel combined with pyran is enough.
- Coccidia : generally sulfadimethoxine is the best against this parasite.
- Giardia: metronidazole and fenbendazole are used for this worm.


Home remedies

To remove dog worms, many different types of natural remedies are used. To eliminate roundworms papaya is used which has been found to be very effective in some animals like pigs, it can also be used on dogs to get the same result. Even if this does not work on your dog, you can rest assured that it will cause no harm to your pet. For tapeworm pumpkin seed has been used successfully. Those who have hunting dogs use this seed frequently as these dogs seems to get re-infested everytime they go hunting. Black walnut is also a good remedy for parasite. Giardia is treated with garlic which has been found to be very effective against recurrent cases.

Now that you are aware of the different types of dog worms, you can keep your dog healthy and free from worm infestation.

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